Waterslide II (SOLD)
Rockpile (SOLD)
Distant Palms (SOLD)
A Moment With Saguaro (SOLD)
The Servant
The Stalker
High Desert Hangout
Lone Palm
Cannonball (SOLD)
Strange Paradise
Staring Off (SOLD)
Drying Off (SOLD)
Waterslide (SOLD)
Pool Boy 1 (SOLD)
Another Evening Poolside
Pink Study (SOLD)
Last One Out (SOLD)
Greenhouse Pool
Poolside Conference (SOLD)
Five O'Clock Shadow (SOLD)
High Desert Getaway (SOLD)
Texas Weekend (SOLD)
Poolside at the Trailer Park
The Pointless Paradise (SOLD)
Big Day Out (SOLD)
Into The Light (SOLD)
Palm Springs Resort (SOLD)
Banana Seat (SOLD)
Archway I (SOLD)
Orange Trees (SOLD)
Striped Suit (SOLD)
San Jacinto Skyline (SOLD)
Through the Brugmansia (SOLD)
Night Pool 1 (SOLD)
Night Palms (SOLD)
Flamingo Sunset (SOLD)
Montecito Blues (sold)
Pool Party (SOLD)
Tangerine Wall (SOLD)
Grotto No. 2
Pool Party II
Poolside 2014
Sculpture No. 2
Planters No. 2
Suburban Pool
Resort Pool No. 1
Watermelons Poolside
Hotel Pool
Rainy Day Pool
Reading Poolside
Pool Study No. 3
Breakfast By The Pool
Pool Party (study)
Vacation Home Pool
Sunrise Pool
Sculpture Study No. 1
Sculpture No. 3
Terra Cotta #1
Terra Cotta #2
The Offering
Pool Study No. 2
Sunset Grotto
Planters No. 4
Pool Study #2 (2015)
Woman Applying Suntan Lotion
Floater No. 2
South Pasadena, 2015
Empty Grotto
Two Palms Diorama (NFS)
Succulent Sunset (sold)
Sick Sunset (SOLD)
Moonlight Pool (SOLD)
the Smog Series (1-4) (SOLD)
Permanent Sunset (SOLD)
Weird Palm (Teal) (SOLD)
Manor (SOLD)
Changing Rooms Study (SOLD)
Changing Rooms 2016
Pool Flamingo (SOLD)
Keeping Up (SOLD)
South Pasadena (SOLD)
Flamingo Study 1 (SOLD)
Skinny Dip (SOLD)
Diving Lass (SOLD)
Cornhole Fun (commission) (SOLD)
Poolside In Purgatory (SOLD)
Between Two Flamingos
Suburban Pool, 2016 (SOLD)
Permanent Sunset Diorama
Day N Night (SOLD)
Plant Wall (SOLD)
Three Weird Palms (SOLD)
Sunset Inn (SOLD)
Interloper (SOLD)
Resort Palms, Santa Barbara (SOLD)
Tropical Retreat (SOLD)
Planters No. 3 (SOLD)
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